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Trends in furniture hardware accessories

In the 21st century, people’s material and cultural requirements are high, the pursuit of personal home decoration, home decoration and furniture is an essential and vital part of the furniture in the furniture hardware accessories play a very important role. Depends on the quality of furniture styles, materials and the results so aspects with the surface of the furniture has a variety of decorative pieces for decoration, from the finishing point; use will have to depend on functional hardware accessories, functional hardware to a certain extent, determines the style of furniture.

As China’s development and progress of industrial technology, furniture, hand-made from the previous workshops, to today’s mechanized mass production. Hardware accessories for versatility, interchangeability, functional and decorative with higher requirements. Substrate diversity, structural reforms and increased use of functional, furniture, metal furniture is no longer just on the role of decoration and some moving parts of the connection, its function is growing, more and more widely in the fields of furniture manufacturing enterprises to improve productivity, reduce costs, improve product quality, enhance the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets, create efficiency have played a positive role.

New hardware accessories development and introduction, in function, style, update and improve the quality, but also gives the furniture styles and features constantly updated on developments. Furniture decorative hardware can be divided into two major categories of hardware and functional hardware, the level of industrial production in today’s highly developed, both in the industrial design under the guidance of the theory, is gradually moving toward reunification.

Furniture production in order to improve efficiency, facilitate the production and design, furniture, hole processing standardization, serialization and universal, resulting in a 32mm series, furniture parts and components to achieve the standardization and interchangeability strong.

Domestic furniture hardware, after years of improvement and development, quality has also been improved, except for a few high-tech functional accessories, the other has reached the international high-quality furniture hardware level. Let us first look at the past few years several kinds of typical furniture hardware product development process.

A dark door hinge. The hinge is the earliest spring dumplings outside the chain, which hinges, there are some drawbacks: 1 outer spring is easy to jump off the assault; 2 hinge cup is made of plastic injection molding, very strong; 3 door closed when collision, especially the glass door, be dangerous; 4 cup hinge greatly affect the aging of its life. Developed after the inner spring hinge, spring jump off it to avoid the problem, but when the impact is not resolved behind closed doors. Last couple of years developed two power hinges, hinge cup into a steel or alloy, completely avoid the above problems can be parked in any location, only about 15 ° close to the last spring began when the role, gently closing the door the useful life of more than 100,000 times.

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