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Embroidery machine maintenance and repair
Routine maintenance drip
Lubrication oil and maintenance parts interval method
(1) spindle gearbox sprocket chain to open the cover on the butter
Open the cover on the bearing grease
(2) hook line agencies Hook, Bobbin Case, Needle plate hole axis white oil days
Step on open gear grease tapered needle plate
(3) Color institutions open panel on cam slot butter
Open Gear Grease six panel
(4) Barbed wire cloth vertical axis, the needle thread take-white oil-day move to 6-pin position from the position on the grease tank
White Oil-day cover on the rod hole
Shaft bearing cover on the open half butter
(5) pick the line agencies pick spools, needle bar with needle white oil day tank in the vertical direction board oiling
(6) Y-axis feed body butter around the rail on -
(7) X-axis feed body butter on track -
(8) gear clamp body butter - Open the cover
(9) embroidery embroidery frame rails remove half the butter

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