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Embroidery machine in order to break new development

Now at home and abroad are in focus, to be sewn of integrated system development environment. Sewability integrated environmental system consists of three interconnected components of the online system, you can sew prediction systems, intelligent sewing system and safety quality system, the purpose is to make product quality standardization, by eliminating fabric sewing and embroidery to bring the issue, improve production efficiency, thereby reducing the operator’s skill requirements.

Sewability integrated environment system based on low-stress fabric mechanical properties (tensile shear properties, bending properties, thickness and compression performance), and through sensors and actuators to set sewing parameters to predict damage to fabric and sewing seams wrinkle severity and finishing a reasonable proposal to meet the high quality of sewing fabric.

Smart sewing system, the sewing machine can be automatically set by the sensors and actuators sewing parameters to optimize the sewing quality and increase productivity and reduce operator skill requirements. There is also now on the sewing machine sewing injury risk measurement systems and laser wrinkle joint system; sewing machine needle damage system measures the penetrating power to detect damage during sewing; laser detection system measured along the sewing seams wrinkling wrinkling deformation in order to ensure the quality of sewing seam quality, these parameters are met, the artificial intelligence technology will complete the sewing parameter optimization settings, including the presser foot pressure, sewing thread tension, stitch density and sewing thread numbers. This is the future development of sewing machines.

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