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Electronic control system under a weak market for attractive cheese

In 2002, five have the technical background of the "returnees" to the domestic market after an investigation found that sewing machine servo control system, there are still large areas of vacant, so they agreed to target the this area. "Because of the industry’s prospects, Wuhan Jinglun Electronics Co., Ltd. has invested in our company, which is a listed company, it joined Baomaikesi into the development of a tonic." Baomaikesi president, said Qin storage method that .

Sewing machine with the industry just a few large companies signed a confidentiality agreement R & D cooperation, Qin warehouse law good mood. In the past five years, Baomaikesi production number of the servo controller on the market for more than 20 million units, up 40% in market share, "the data are growing every year, this year sales rose 50%. "Qin storage method is expected to grow 100 percent this year as a whole.

Part of the embroidery machine sewing machine companies and enterprises looking for a lot in this area. McNair was in the Max customer, in cooperation with the latter providing a lot of practical advice, but now, customers become competitors. Is also a listed company, the McNair into clearly Baomaikesi pressure.

Compared Xingdahao, Guangdong Ying Ning companies to enter the field of computerized embroidery machine control system several years later. With the former specializing in the production difference is profit rather part of the company in addition to product supply to the North Phenix embroidery machine and several other enterprises, which produce the vast majority of electronic control systems for its embroidery machine complete production.

I understand that the current into the electric field of business is still growing every year rather abruptly emerge forty-five out for the fueling overall strength in this area.

Operation of law from the market point of view, an industry over time, causing many companies chase, indicating that this industry is upward. China Sewing Machinery Association Secretary-General Yang Jing even think that sewing machine and computer embroidery machines are still more substantial annual growth, from the development trend of view, electric control system for the enterprise is also concentrated in these two products types of enterprises to provide technical content of computer-controlled products, which needs to determine the area of ​​electronic control systems will have more space for development.

Weak market space under the new investment

Although backed by the big tree big country textile and clothing, and sewing machinery industry since the late 1990s the rapid development receive much attention, but the investment is not the traditional field of sewing machines is generally good. Even the last two years, the textile and garment exports by several waves implicated lead to market downturn, some companies had started manufacturing sewing machines to flee the capital, and invest in other industries.

In addition, because the market is relatively saturated, and all enterprises to compete in the market for a price war, driven by malicious, the traditional sewing machine company profits gradually diluted, it makes investors are not optimistic about the industry.

A sewing machine manufacturer confirmed to reporters that their profits from the previous years 12% to about 5%.

In order to make sales go up, many companies are in the credit business. "You can not imagine, in order to compete for customers, we engaged in a credit game, you credit to 50,000 customers, I’ll credit 80,000, 100,000 and he is on credit, most credit the man finally got a customer, but he also die the fastest. "The image of manufacturers in this industry to reporters on the current situation of fierce cut-throat competition. In such circumstances, growth in corporate profits is almost negative. This scene is also found in the field of embroidery machines.

Machine and embroidery machine is relatively depressed, the emerging field of electronic control system is simply the profits of "profiteering." Although Xingdahao Zheng Jianjun, chairman, president and Baomaikesi Qin warehouse law do not agree to say there are high profits, but Zheng Jianjun, said his company has developed more speed and stability, and industry competitors is small.

Qin storage method is said: "This is worth investing in new areas, is still in a relatively flat stage, but will soon be bustling up." He is based on the field of electronic control systems in addition to being coveted by companies in other areas, but also by the venture capital concern. Nearly two years, Qin position method has received some venture capital firms fight over the telephone consultation, cooperation or even having received the invitation. However, Qin storage method is currently no co-operate with the idea of ​​venture capital, "Our parent company is itself a listed company, there are many channels to finance."

Analysts believe that if the venture capitalists favor of a field, the field of the current market value and development prospects will be reassessed. Because the nature of venture capital fame and fortune will flock to determine its financial prospects and the development of high profit margins

Product areas.

The possibility of new industries to mature

In mid-April, the Chinese electronic control Professional Committee in Shanghai. Qin was elected positions for the Commission’s law director, general manager Wu Haihong Hing Ho was elected as deputy director. Industry more to the establishment of the Commission as the field of electronic control systems will become more mature development of flares, words, the electronic control system products from the sewing machinery industry will gradually product categories stand out form - a climate ripe with emerging areas, like the original embroidery machine market starting from the rapid development of sporadic who was home on the same end.

This prophecy, Qin warehouse law is firm advocate of "electronic control system in the sewing machine big industry still in its infancy, so there are endless possibilities the future market." In addition, the last two years the market situation changes and reinforces his views. As the global energy, raw materials and labor costs sharply, energy saving has become a common requirement of Chinese enterprises, electromechanical integration products will become the mainstream of development. This trend is beneficial to the development of electronic control system products, because the heart of mechatronics is the electronic control system, which will drive the prosperity of the former development.

However, it is interesting that, with the Professional Committee of China’s leading electronic control unit, Xingdahao top of the electronic control system development is ambivalent, especially for embroidery future development of electronic control systems cautious. The chairman Zheng Jianjun even wants to have access to this area was a piece to hold a certain vigilance, and repeated confirmation in the end to the correspondents who interested in this field. Zheng Jianjun half half is a summary of warning to those who later told reporters: "Embroidery electrical control system in this area is too small, the domestic market is becoming saturated has been largely, and reached a climax last year, probably within the next few years will be declining year by year, of course, will not slide into the bottom at once. "Zheng Jianjun also told reporters that his company this year, embroidery electronic control system output fell by 1 million units, in order to maintain the company’s overall performance, there must be a new economic growth point, they are in considering investment in new areas. The electronic control system for the development of the whole, Zheng Jianjun did not express their views.

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