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Sewing machine intelligence and automation is the development of

Sewing machine on their perspective of the development are mostly concentrated in the application of electro-hydraulic integration of the gas, no oil or micro-oil lubrication system used, the application of direct-drive motor, multi-program control computer applications, modeling of chemical design of individual applications etc., which are pushing the development of the sewing machine to new heights. China’s sewing machine manufacturers, has launched a number of automatic bag opening machine, oil-free direct-drive sewing machines, sewing machine needle angle compound feed, single needle lateral sewing machine, electric high-speed bar tacking machine, small square head series stretch sewing machine, etc., to achieve a new leap forward sewing. Sewing machine is sewing clothes indispensable tool, different have different fabric sewing performance of fabrics and sewing machine sewing in addition to its institutions, but also with performance fabrics, sewing thread, sewing machine needles and sewing process parameters (eg pressure foot pressure, thread tension, stitch density, feed dog height, etc.). Such as sewing needles is one of the major pieces into the sewing machine. Needle tip shape, the needle bar shape and surface treatment of the joint appearance with absolute influence. As the process of sewing machine needle and fabric in direct contact, if the needle is incorrectly using the following problems: jumper, break, seam wrinkling, Embroidery, needle thick, high-speed needle body heat caused by friction, resulting in fused sutures and yarn and so on. Comprehensive understanding of the sewing machine needle shape, size, texture, hardness, flexibility and use for different clothing styles, different fabrics and different parts of a scientific and rational choice of sewing machine needle is very important.

Under normal circumstances, sewing thin, crisp, dense material should be used in small joints (fine) needle, and sewing thick, soft, sparse selection of sewing materials are advised to large (coarse) pin. Sewing thin material with a needle, due to the friction material sewing machine needle with a larger rise sewing machine needle needle feed will be randomly increased in pressure within the bad foot, delaying the formation of a loop of wire, causing the needle jump; sewing thick when the selected material, such as needle, the needle will cause bending or breakage of clothing styles, different fabrics and different parts of a scientific and rational choice of sewing machine needle is very important.

Currently, the processing of high-speed sewing machine sewing speed of up to 5000 rev / min, the needle penetrates the fabric at speeds up to 4 m / s, any such high-speed sewing process, the sewing machine needle and the intense friction Section cause the machine needle temperature is too high, a serious form Rongdong in synthetic fabric or cause chemical suture fusion, pinhole over the line resistance increases, so that surface deterioration caused by line condition jumped into the ring pin or break the clothing styles, different fabrics and different parts of a scientific and rational choice of sewing machine needle is very important.

During high-speed sewing needle through the fabric may be cut off at any time the yarn fabric fabric caused by mechanical damage, can cause serious mechanical damage to the fabric and seam strength decreases, affecting the appearance and durability of clothing, in general, fabric density, compact structure and to strengthen the fabric twist the fabric in the sewing machine damage is quite conspicuous, and the short fiber yarn fabric sewing damage is relatively minor.

In recent years, in order to adapt to the diversity of performance apparel fabrics, especially the "new synthetic fiber" fabric endless garment industry on the needle bar shape, tip shape has been transformed. Such as "Singer" application flow extrusion needle made of U-shaped cross-section, the strength of the needle bar of circular cross section than the traditional needle by 90%. Japan’s "organ" developed by "IT" series of machine needle can reduce the vibration, to prevent skipped stitches play a good role. "Organ" has introduced the "NS" series of machine needle, needle thin and long, designed to solve chemical fiber fabrics prone to wrinkling and spinning seams issues. In order to solve the problem of thermal damage the needle, the use of needles direct hair, changing the shape and the needle tip rod production flow line groove method, and the development of a hollow needle through the hole of the air cooling device; the surface of the needle for special treatment, even if melting does not adhere to the needle. 150 years of experience with the Groz-Beckert needle launched the company in addition to chrome-plated needle, but also introduced nitrogen titanium alloy and nickel alloy Teflon needle, in order to meet the diverse fabric.

The development of intelligent sewing sewing machine is now at home and abroad are in focus, to be sewn of integrated system development environment. Sewability integrated environmental system consists of three interconnected components of the online system, you can sew prediction systems, intelligent sewing system and safety quality system, the purpose is to make product quality standardization, by eliminating the fabric caused by sewing problems and improve production efficiency, thereby reducing the operator’s skill requirements.

Sewability integrated environment system based on low-stress fabric mechanical properties (tensile shear properties, bending properties, thickness and compression performance), and through sensors and actuators to set sewing parameters to predict damage to fabric and sewing seams wrinkle severity and finishing a reasonable proposal to meet the high quality of sewing fabric.

Smart sewing system, the sewing machine can be automatically set by the sensors and actuators sewing parameters to optimize the sewing quality and increase productivity and reduce operator skill requirements. There is also now on the sewing machine sewing injury risk measurement systems and laser wrinkle joint system; sewing machine needle damage system measures the penetrating power to detect damage during sewing; laser detection system measured along the sewing seams wrinkling wrinkling deformation in order to ensure the quality of sewing seam quality, these parameters are met, the artificial intelligence technology will complete the sewing parameter optimization settings, including the presser foot pressure, sewing thread tension, stitch density and sewing thread numbers. This is the future development of sewing machines.

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